Monday, February 6, 2012

Mini-me x 2

Gotta love this kid. Apparently she's been repeating a lot of things I say to her... in conversation form, but only with herself. For example:

"What do big kids do? Go pee in the potty! That's right!"
"This is hard. I'm doing great!"

Thankfully, besides picking up an optimistic and encouraging response habit (who knew?) Edyn also picked up other things I say a million, billion times... like the numbers 1-10 in order, as well as the alphabet in song form and the names and sounds of numerous animals. "What does a cow say? Mooooooo!"

Also, Coda has gotten better and better at mimmicking. If you say "yay!" she'll start clapping and offer up a very unenthusiastic sounding "yay" but it totally sounds like the real thing! If you whisper "dah-dah-dah" to her she'll usually whisper it back, too. Oh, and she loves having wailing/grunting/high-pitched-squealing conversations where you make a noise and she makes it back. Over and over and over. Love it. :)

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