Thursday, January 3, 2013

We stash.

We just do. All the way down to my youngest cousins. I mean, they stash random, useless things, but they still have stashes. They know they need to practice for when they're older. Here are some of my favorite stashes by the more experienced stashers:

Leftover Barro's
Baggies of pizza have been hidden in all sorts of secret places in our fridge, including the vegetable drawer (no one ever thinks to look there), under the condiments in the door, and mixed deep inside the many bags of assorted cheeses.

Crystal stashed some chocolate chip cookies (fairly recently, I might add) in the Tupperware cupboard "so Mom couldn't reach them."

Mozzarella Sticks
Mom was collecting chicken from the freezer for dinner one night when she discovered a rolled up bag of cheese sticks mixed in with the chicken breasts.

Holiday Candy
Every holiday Dad stores his leftover candy on the top shelf in his closet (probably so Mom can't reach it). Everyone knows it's there, but no one wants to risk trying to eat any... you can never be sure how many years old it is.

A stash of Percocet was recently recovered from the battery compartment of a Game Boy Color.

Assorted Sweets
No one ever thinks to look in the cookie jar since it's almost always empty, so it's the perfect place to stash goods short-term.

No one will ever forget the time Mom whipped out some raw sausage from the snack stash in her purse during a movie at AMC.

Coda began stashing pacifiers in the van door as soon as she was old enough to throw.

Every size, color, and scent of sock has been stashed under our computers at some point.

Gum and Tic-Tacs
Were uncovered on the shelf above the kitchen window during spring cleaning one year.

Random hiding spots
Behind kitchen decor
Behind books on the bookshelf
Inside statues
On top of Mom's keepsake display case
Under beds
Under couches
Under mattresses