Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh so Sensuous...

Imagine walking into a restaurant and asking for a 24-inch sub... for just you... to eat right then and there... in the restaurant... with random people eating their three and six-inchers all around you. TWENTY FOUR INCHES! That's TWO FEET of bread, meat and cheese (at least)! You're pretty confident that you can easily cram that much food into your stomach without throwing up, so you have the shocked and disgusted girl behind the counter add mayo, lettuce and tomatoes to the already present ham, turkey and monterey jack. You settle down into your seat with your humongous sandwich taking up practically the entire table. A small cup of Dr. Pepper is squished in next to your sandwich in case you need to wash any of the sandwich down; you don't want to risk filling your stomach prematurely so you decide you'll be careful with your sips. You turn and nod to the lady at the counter and she starts the timer. You have thirty minutes to down it. Go! Makes you sick just thinking about it, huh? Imagine actually doing it. Now imagine doing it while sitting across the table from someone else who's doing it, too. Ugh. Just thinking about it brings back memories of that chokey, throwy-uppy feeling I got when I was on the last fourth of my sandwich and watching Tiffani take large, soggy bites of hers. All for a free t-shirt and your picture up on the "24-Inch Club" wall? Man. That's embarrassing. But at the same time, kinda cool. I ate twenty-freakin' four inches of bread, meat and cheese in less than thirty minutes (I only had 42 seconds to spare... it was a close one)! Here's the picture we got to tack to the wall with our names and times written on it. The shirts say "The second best thing you can do with your lips is eat a Sensuous Sandwich." How true that is...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

B is for bear

We finally got our paintings back in my Illustration class, so here is my first ever painting! It got a B (for bear) so there's obviously stuff I need to work on before it's "finished," but yeah. There you go, Mom and Dad.

I thought while it already looks like I think I'm all cool --not true-- I would put up the "award winning" eggs since I don't think I ever showed it to you guys. Fascinating.