Wednesday, February 18, 2009

B is for bear

We finally got our paintings back in my Illustration class, so here is my first ever painting! It got a B (for bear) so there's obviously stuff I need to work on before it's "finished," but yeah. There you go, Mom and Dad.

I thought while it already looks like I think I'm all cool --not true-- I would put up the "award winning" eggs since I don't think I ever showed it to you guys. Fascinating.


Victim of Google Data Mining said...

Nikki! You are awesome! You make me proud - but in a righteous way :)

The Heiner Family said...

I am totally amazed. How did you come up with the subject matter though? I must admit my heart strings pulled a little to see a sad little bear tied up with sharp stakes threatening him from every angle.

Nikki said...

Haha... we were given articles or stories or themes or whatever for each piece. This one was about child abuse. It's supposed to be tied up with a yo-yo (hard to tell that's what it is) and the stakes are supposed to be crayons. I was too lazy and unskilled to paint the wrappers, so it's hard to tell about those too.