Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Lego Cake Mistake

To the casual eye, they appeared to be nothing more than spinach-and-carrot balls covered in a layer of melted down velveeta.

To the Coda-eye, they were a delicious discovery that needed to be devoured.

They're mine!


Another? Don't mind if I do.


Wait... these have WHAT inside them?

Oh whale! Bottoms up!

They're really not that bad.

Big B's Birthday

Big B turned 8! Yeah, this happened almost two weeks ago, but better late than never.

He got lots of awesome stuff, but I think he was especially excited about his new Star Wars Lego set.
You can't tell in this picture so much, but then the Heiner kids have always been a little on the stoic side.

Camille made an awesome Lego cake! It took some trial and error, but the mishaps get their own post once I'm done with this one.

Make a wish!

The Big B Fan Clubs approve.

The Sunday after B's birthday we got to get together as family and some friends and watch him get baptized. It was short and sweet, and the treats after were even sweeter.