Monday, November 5, 2012

Predispositionally Fat Babies

Yeah. Apparently babies can be born with a predisposition to be fat. It's the mother's fault, because she's fat. And that fat baby? It's going to have fat babies, too. Then the whole world is going to be born fat (or born to be fat) and we'll all die at younger and younger ages until we're extinct.

Or something like that.

I'm only half-listening to the medical show thing one of my new roommates is watching on her laptop. I'm in the same room, drinking a Coke Zero, blogging about her documentary on obesity, and pretending that the smiles, giggles and stiffled laughs are in response to texts or what I'm typing, and not the fact that I'm a fatty and she listening to some documentary that's explaining why I'm fat.While I'm in the room. It's just really funny to me for some reason. Almost like she saw me sit down and thought "I want to understand her." So she turned on An Analysis of Fatties.

"If that person takes up two seats instead of one, who cares?... How about 653% decrease in productivity due to obesity?... Obesity [is] a threat to National Security... Yes. Your obesity affects me."

Eeek... I hope she still likes me after this.

And now they're slamming on "discretionary calories" and soda. As I drink my Coke Zero. They want to ban soda from schools or put a tax on soda. "What's more important? The rights of the individual or the rights of society?" Also, they want to get rid of juice. And they want parents to refuse their child food if they say they're hungry. And now I'm done gracing this ridiculous documentary with any acknowledgement of its existence.