Wednesday, June 9, 2010

brainwashed.... for $50

Remember that one episode in Lost, where Kate and Sawyer help Alex save Karl? They find him in a hatch, strapped to a chair with these glowing glasses on and pictures flashing on the screen in front of him. That's pretty much what happened to me this morning, minus the glasses (I got a lame salt-water-soaked-net-thing instead). I have this sneaking suspicion it wasn't really a "study"... but that it was, instead, where they send unmarried BYU students before they graduate. You know. To brainwash them. Obviously we missed a memo somewhere along the way...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

my mother would be proud...

Mom! I learned how to separate an egg today! Quite effectively, I might add. I've broken it down into four easy steps so that everyone can reap the benefits of my hours of experimentation. They are as follows:

1. Put your egg in the backish corner on the rightish side of the middle shelf of your fridge, so that your egg slushifies. Once it's leaning closer to the side of frozen you're good to go. It should look like this
once you start peeling it.

2. Peel your egg. Be careful to peel fast enough that the egg doesn't have time to melt in your 86-degree apartment, but slow enough that you don't accidentally punch a hole through the tender ice-shell that surrounds the yolk. It should look like this once you're done peeling.

3. You can now safely begin breaking into the icy egg. Separate the clear, icy stuff from the icy yellow stuff. Be sure to do it over the sink, as it gets drippy and quite cold (you can run your hands under some warm water if your fingers get too cold). That looks like this.
4. Remember, the yolk is NOT a yolksicle, so try really hard to not just start licking it. And tada! You've successfully separated an egg using the Noggin technique (patent pending). Enjoy.