Saturday, July 30, 2011

Betrayed by my own.

What Not to Wear is back and better than ever! Stacy and Clinton have seen it all... or have they? Send us your craziest, wildest, most bizarre nominations for the worst-dressed woman you know.

Nomination: Nicole Hengen
   Age: 23
   Size: [extra-super large], 5'5"
   Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico

   Nikki has always dressed like a boy; her hair is always up in a ponytail while she is dressed in a t-shirt and shorts (usually camo cargo shorts). She tries her best to dress up on Sundays for church and she will wear her hair down, but she doesn't really know how to put together an outfit, despite family and friends shopping with her and picking out nice clothes for her. They tend to just hang in the closet. She doesn't wear much makeup, usually just some eyeliner and mascara. I think she's afraid to dress girlie because she wants to be taken seriously but feels like if she dresses too feminine, she'll be seen as an airhead or promiscuous.

[Notes scribbled onto the printout, apparently intended to be added on later to increase the appearance of desperation] Doesn't relate to most girls her age, doesn't really like them--afraid if she dresses like them, she'll be like them. Being single at 24 (relatively old in the Mormon community). Feels hopeless in a dating scene (not that there's much out here). We've tried everything-- ripped up camo shorts, gathered t-shirts for a t-shirt quilt. Needs professional help-- this is her last resort. Maybe hearing it from someone else will help.


Victim of Google Data Mining said...

Oh that's SO LAME!!! I love Nikki the way she is. She is a wonderful daughter who knows who she is and is comfortable in who she is. Nikki is an incredibly talented woman who will one day take the art world by storm!

Ian and Bonnie Gutzman said...

Weyh-el...they spelled your name wrong. It's Neeeeeki. And you relate well to me, at least. I guess that's really all that matters. ;) PS- is this fo real?

Hilary Lemon said...

OMG! Srsly, if they pick u, will u like by some promiscuous clothes for ME?!?!

Luv from yer bff forevs and evs, (LOL!)!!!!

Just so you know, I think you're beautiful just the way you are.

But a $5000 cash card would be nice. I just need someone to nominate me...