Thursday, April 14, 2011

sushi with touille

I was trying to think of things I've been doing lately so I could blog about them. It's pretty much been school, school and more school. Filling in some of the cracks between the 'school' and 'school' part has been my friend, Natalie. She's in my major, and her desk is on the other side of mine in the studio. She's at school a lot, too, so I see her more often than pretty much anyone. She's almost all I do all day. Anyway, in celebration of our BFA shows going up we went to sushi a little while ago. It was delicious. But then we started getting full. And we were afraid of being charged for any sushi we didn't finish. So we started arguing over who had to finish off what. Finally we got it down to two pieces. I choked down one, and she... well... 'took care' of the other one.

Yeah. She's that awesome.

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