Tuesday, April 19, 2011

failing :(

Last Winter I enrolled in "Greek and Roman Mythology," in an attempt to fill my letters credit. I walked into class the first day, feeling ambitious. I talked to my neighbor for a few minutes and thought "she and I are going to be great friends." The teacher passed out the syllabus and began going over requirements for the course. I dropped the class almost before the hour was up. The same thing happened with "Humanities of Asia" last semester, except I think it took even less time for me to drop it.
This semester I enrolled in "Masterpieces of English Literature," which turned out to really be "Masterpieces of British Literature." Yes, we read such classic and ever-so enlightening tales as Beowulf and The Faerie Queene. (And by "we read" I really do mean that we read them. Including me.) I HAD to take the class if I wanted this to be my last semester, and I did want it to be my last. So I took it. My one and only goal for the class? To get a "D" letter grade (the minimum grade required for the class in order for me to graduate). I took my final today, and I know you're wondering whether I met my goal. The answer is no, no I did not.
Instead, to my dismay, my calculator reported that even if I were to get a zero on both my final paper and in-class final I would still get a 68.6% in the class. What's worse, I got my paper back right before I took my final, and I got a 94% on it. There was no way I could get less than a 78% in the class, even if I got a zero on my in-class final. FAIL.

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Bonnie Gutzman said...

I'm niggling right now. *niggle*niggle*
Sorry, this doesn't really apply to your post. I just couldn't help myself.