Monday, March 28, 2011

saving lives... one pint at a time

I used to think that the worst part of donating blood was that prick they give you on the end of your finger to check your iron levels. While that vicious little episode is no longer in first, it's a close second to them leaving you hooked up for a good few minutes after you already filled the bag. My arm started feeling really heavy and like it might've been bloating. I got really squirmy and was very uncomfortable, but at least I didn't get sick/pass out like others who have been hooked up too long. Who knew I'd bleed so fast? 3:59. A new personal best, I believe. Think you can take me?


zookie said...

That's impossible. I won't believe it unless I see proof.

Victim of Google Data Mining said...

No way! Maybe you and Tiff can race!