Friday, February 11, 2011

I quit my job.

Isn't this a lovely picture? It's of me and my friend, Kelly. I'm the fatter one, obviously. Kelly was essentially the only person I knew when I started work at BYU Independent Study last January. I was hired as a graphic artist, which means that I drew pretty pictures to accompany the online course IS offers. The images I made looked a lot like the one above, actually.... and that is why I will do great things in life.
I remember sitting next to Kelly on my first day, asking her questions since she was my "trainer" person. By the end of the week I was answering her questions, as well as the questions of my fellow newbies. But Kelly's great. She was really nice to me, even though I apparently had a reputation in our program--and not a very good one. I was considered grouchy, unapproachable and generally angry at life. That was actually a pretty accurate assessment at the time... art is hard. I would (and still do, I guess) get frustrated and prefer concentrating over socializing. By putting a nice, big "BUG OFF" sign on my face, I managed to get more done than many of my counterparts.
But now I was thrown into a working environment with these people. And here was Kelly, being nice to me even though she knew as well as the next person that I was scary and grumpy. I decided that she could see my less beastly side. Word quickly spread that I'm amazing and I made more friends at work. They started coming to movie nights at my apartment and saying hi to me on campus and giving me hugs at Smith's. I had to get away... so I quit my job. Just kidding, but not really. But really, just kidding. That's not why I quit.
Don't get me wrong. I loved my job. My boss was awesome, the pay was the best I've ever had, the co-workers were chill, the hours were flexible, and they gave us really good free food all the time. It's the best job I've ever had.


The Hansen's said...

I am glad they got to know the real you...because you are a big fluffly unicorn, and not the "joker" you try and make yourself out to be so people won't move into your bedroom (wanna see a magic trick?)

I miss you!

Victim of Google Data Mining said...

I'm just so glad you were responsible enough with the good pay you made to have the freedom to quit and concentrate on your studies! Doesn't that feel great? I'm so proud of you!