Saturday, December 8, 2012


Security-- what a great feeling. I don't get a lot of it these days, though. Most of the insecurity I feel deals with intangible things, like finances, my physical appearance, my emotions, etc.

But I will say that today I've reached a new level of security in the house I'm living in. I can tell you first hand that's it's pretty easy to get out of our house through my window... but it's somewhat difficult to get back in. Difficult enough that I was stuck in my backyard for a little while. Which, really, is great news. Because if I can't get out of my own backyard, I'm betting that not many people are capable of getting into it. And if they can't get into the backyard, they can't make it to my window to attack me. And even if they could get into the backyard, they'd hafta be able to get in through my window before they could actually attack me. Security.

By the way, what landlord padlocks the gate from the front yard to the backyard? So much for sneaking out at night.

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Victim of Google Data Mining said...

Just wait 'til they start patrolling your front yard with attack dogs!