Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sneaky Neeki's mentoring pays off

I went with Edyn, Coda and Camille to the St. Patrick's day lunch at Alta's school. There was corn-beef and cabbage, vegetable trays and other nasty foods scattered between food that the kids would actually eat. But the prized food items were, of course, the desserts. The Heiners provided the cupcakes that stole the show, hands down. After licking some ham here, nibbling on a roll there, and much impatient waiting it was finally time for the girls to get dessert. Edyn picked a white cupcake to eat, and Alta picked a green one. Camille and I were a little distracted by Coda-- we were feeding her bits of corn and rolls and ham and giggling with her as she did funny things-- but it did not escape our notice that Edyn was snarfing down her cupcake, licking up every last crumb. It was not totally unusual behavior, only a bit more ravenous than on an average day, so we thought nothing of it. A little while later, in my peripheral vision, I see something drop off the table across from me, and Alta goes "Oh no! My cupcake!" I'm immediately thinking about the two inches of soft frosting Sam's Club slops onto their cupcakes and the mess that it would make on the floor, so I lean over to get a look at the damage. Alta is as surprised as I am to find only her cupcake wrapper and a couple tiny crumbs. "Hey! Where's my cupcake?" Camille, Alta and I look around the table and floor for a few seconds, trying to locate the missing cupcake, when our eyes all land on Edyn. She has nearly an entire hand shoved in her mouth... and there's slobbery green frosting everywhere.

Wait a second... EDYN?! Nice work. I didn't know she had it in her. And I've gotta say... the kid's got stealth.

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