Sunday, October 2, 2011

Furia de la Noche

It was after midnight, and we were walking out of the state fair/carnival. There were only thirty or so scattered cars left in the large parking lot, and I had parked on the far side. As we walked to my car, Tiffani was impressed with how it blended into the night and proclaimed "You should name it Hiccup!"
"Uh, Tiffani? Hiccup was the viking. The dragon was named Toothless. And I am NOT naming my car 'Toothless.'"
"However, 'Night Fury' would be ok... I wonder how you say 'fury' in Spanish..."

Turns out it's "Furia." So, "Furia de la Noche." I think I might stick to "Night Fury" or find a nickname based off that. If you have any suggestions, feel free to suggest them.A little about "Night Fury" though:
It's a black (obviously) 2009 Nissan Versa with white racing stripes.
It came with alloy wheels and an aftermarket stereo (I'll be getting a sub woofer at some point in the future, I'm sure...).
It's manual, and has been averaging 35mpg city. I haven't done any road trips yet, but I'm guessing it'll get about 40mpg freeway.
It's short and squatty (like me!).
I love it.


Simini said...

wait... I thought you had a red car?

And road trip to salt lake!! I vote yes.

Victim of Google Data Mining said...

That is a great photo!