Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yer Up.

What better way to celebrate graduating college than to go spend two weeks in Europe with one of your best friends and her so-cute baby? I submit there isn't one. At least not for me. It was seriously an amazing two weeks. Here-- let me tell you a little about it.

Kusel Castle
One of the first days I was in Germany, Bonnie, Asher and I visited a castle. It was a view I could get used to... and did get used to. Guys, I want a castle. The above picture was taken from the top of this cool tower... it's a pretty good representation of what southern Germany looks like at a glance. There are hundreds of green, rolling hills spattered with trees and lined with tons of fields. The fields are all neatly cut and of many colors, so it looks really cool (especially during particular growing seasons, apparently). In the lower valleys, usually snuggled in patches of trees, are villages. Bonnie's house is in one of those little snuggly villages. It was super cute, but we're not to that part yet.
Asher and I were wary of each other at first. Mostly him of me, but we sat down at the castle and worked some things out. We've been great double-chin buddies ever since.

Um... this was the only picture taken while we were in Kaiserslautern. But it was pretty cool--my first encounter with a German city (as opposed to a village, and not including Frankfurt since I was only in the airport there). I also had my first Kebab there. Oh man. Delicious. Oh, and some ice cream! Delicious-er.

I remember Rudesheim a little better than Kaiserslautern since we took some pictures... it was way cool, too. I loved walking down all the little cobblestone streets, lined with stores and their signs hanging out over the walkway. It felt very... European. It was also cool that you could turn a corner and bam! All of a sudden there was a church there. And you were like "oh." And then you went and looked inside and were like "ohh." Haha... anyway. It was just a really cool atmosphere. There were a lot of people, but it wasn't loud and it was quite clean. With the great weather we had and the beautiful sunshine it was an overall delightful experience. Oh, and we got some brats. Mmm...


After we got back home from Rudesheim we went on a walk through Bonnie's village. It's so little! The streets are so small that the parking spots painted on the sides of the street go halfway onto the sidewalks! Otherwise you'd be blocking, like, half the street. Instead, you're only blocking, like, a third of it. It's also really small area-wise. There weren't so many houses, but they were all really cool. I especially like how everyone had cool doors. There were farms surrounding the village... I'm not sure if they were technically part of the village... all I know is they made really great scenery looking out Bonnie's windows. The view from her backyard is so awesome we actually sat on her porch and painted there one day.

Did I mention she has cows in her backyard?

TrierAsher's middle name is Trier, so he was particularly excited to be there, can't you tell? Actually, I think he was hoping his first trip there would be with his mom and dad, not Mom and Aunt Nikki. Eh. Oh well. He ate some Peach flavored puffs and got over it.Man. Everyone looks really excited to be at Trier... haha. It actually was a lot of fun and we were all happy. I'm just not so great at pictures, and that one of Asher was unusually serious. But yeah. I did let Bonnie take this picture of me in front of the Porta Nigra. Trier is the oldest city in Germany, and has a really cool history. You should go look it up sometime if you're ever bored.

RamsteinWe went to Ramstein one day to check out their "Flohmarkt," or flea market. My dad was hoping I could bring back some German coins for him (from the pre-Euro days). We thought we might have some luck there, and we did. Bonnie even bartered for me... in German!

Phew. That's a lot for one post. Let's take a break.