Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Pumba. With you, everything's gas."

We'd been planning the trip for a week or two. Calculating out how much it would cost with different types of mileage and different numbers of people. The "average" for gas price that we were using to calculate was $4 per gallon. As it turns out, that was a little high. The day before Tiffani and I set out on our journey to Arizona, I paid $4.099 for mid-grade (because the lower grade wasn't working and I was distracted on the phone and too lazy to drive somewhere else). In case you were wondering, it was only $.01 more than the $3.999 price of the lower grade, anyway. :P The next day we set out. We were almost to Cedar City and we needed to fill, so we were checking out gas prices as we drove past the small towns along the way. After we passed one town, I chided Tiffani for passing up gas for $3.79. Then after she passed another exit where gas was only $3.70, I became more enfueged. Tiffani thought it was a game and that the further you drove, the lower the prices got. We ended up paying $3.79 at the next exit. Anyway, gas prices did go down the closer we got to Arizona, with the average there being in the 3.50's.
The lowest we saw was $3.43 (QuikTrip will never let you down!)...
...and the lowest we paid was $3.49 (at Love's--a PFS truck stop place).
Although this place had gas for $3.49, too... Anyway. Can you see all the bug guts in these two shots taken through the windshield? :) Upon returning to Provo last night, to my delightful surprise, I discovered that gas had actually dropped in Provo by $.12 since we'd left. And now I'm sick of thinking and talking about gas.

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