Thursday, August 7, 2008


According to Tiffani and the United States of America, August 4th was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. She and Naomi got really excited and decided to make cookies the night before.

They worked hard while I sat by, lazily watching and eating chips and salsa.

We started getting worried about the outcome when Chama made her first (and only) spill...

...and got so distracted by the camera that she poured all the flour in at once.

We patiently waited for the cookies to cook (and I discovered some features on my camera, hence this picture) and I'm sure we were all thinking that Tiffani's cookies would turn out best. But Lo and Behold-- Chama's were better! No offense, Tatorsh. Better luck next time. :)


zookie said...
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zookie said...

Chama's a camera hog or you're her personal paparazzi. Haha, jk! Thanks for documenting this fantastic night!